Making an Appointment and Ordering

We will begin by making an appointment for you to come to my home for a tasting where you can sample the eight different cake flavors and different fillings and frostings.

To Make A Complimentary Appointment

Call (703) 860-2661 or e-mail me To better help me serve you, please let me know your wedding's date and time, location, and the number of guests you expect.

During your tasting, you will have a chance to look through my photo album and decide on a design which we will then customize to be the cake of your dreams. Please look through my online photo album for a small sampling of the designs available.

When you've decided on flavors and designs we fill out a form with information about the date, the location of the reception, the number of expected guests, as well as standard contract information. A deposit equal to one-half of the total is required to reserve your reception date.


The basic starting price is $4.00 a serving, though costs are determined by number of servings, complexity of design, and by special fillings. There is also a deposit for the equipment which will be refunded when they are returned.

I look forward to meeting with you and helping you plan your dream wedding!